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Crtical Point Dryer (CPD)

This instrument needs a license to operate. The license is reveived after the CPD introduction training.

If you don't have a license for this instrument please contact the instrument responsible for further information.




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Critical Point Dryer
Processing and production
  • The CPD is made of a small chamber inside which a sample holder can be loaded. The sample holder has limited dimensions of approx. 1cm × 2cm × 2cm, and is made of a mesh with pore size of ~700 µm.
  • Samples consisting of loose particles/fibers are PROHIBITED because they would flow out the holder during the process.
  • For the sample preparation, the procedure is to solvent exchange gradually your sample(s) to ethanol absolute (>99%). If required, isopropanol or methanol (>99%) can also be used in the instrument instead of ethanol.

  • The sample should be stable in ethanol 99% (or isopropanol, methanol).
  • No traces of acetone or acid should be present in the sample!
  • It is preferable to place several samples in the holder at the same time.


Licensed Users

Fibre and polymer Technology
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