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Measure viscosity of polymers and fuels

â??LAUDA iViscâ?ç??å?¾ç??æ?ç´¢ç»?æ??

The fully automatic, space-saving iVisc is easy to operate and ideal for starting out in professional viscometry. Simply plug in the USB cable, start the software and the capillary viscometer is ready to use. The iVisc can be operated independently with a low-cost computer or netbook.

The compact, intelligent viscosity measuring stand is designed for a wide range of standard glass capillaries (e.g. Ubbelohde, Cannon-Fenske and micro-Ostwald). With a suitable LAUDA clear-view thermostat (e.g. LAUDA ECO ET 15 S) and the appropriate glass capillaries, kinematic viscosities can be determined in the range from 0.3 up to 30.000 mm²/s. This versatility allows for a broad range of applications: solution viscosity of polymers, determining chain length of proteins or temperature resistance of lubricants are just a few application examples in which reliable results are required.

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Capillary viscometer
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