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Nanopartical tracking analyzer from Nanosight (now Malvern Panalytical)

A laser beam is passed through the sample chamber and the particles in suspension in the path of the beam scatter light in such a manner that they can be easily visualized via a long working distance, x20 magnification microscope onto which is mounted a video camera. The camera captures a video file of the particles moving under Brownian motion. The Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) software tracks many particles individually and using the Stokes Einstein equation calculates their hydrodynamic diameters. The NanoSight range of instruments provides high resolution nanoparticle size, concentration and aggregation measurements while a fluorescence mode provides specific results for labelled particles. The range provides real time monitoring of the subtle changes in the characteristics of particle populations with all of these analyses confirmed by visual validation.


2MILab #36

Accessories: Mercs sample incubator

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Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer_SCS
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