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The extruder single screw Axon AB (type BX18) has 5 heating/cooling zones along the barrel and die (4 equally distributed on the barrel and 1 on the die). The extruder is equipped with a screw having a length of 375 mm and a diameter of 15 mm (L/D = 25), with a compression ratio of 2.57 (feeding zone and meeting zone depth of 3 and 1 mm, respectively).


To apply for Extruder training/license, please fill in this form and send it to mabdc@kth.se





This instrument is bookable and can be operated by approved users. Approved users are the ones who have taken training 

Lab rules:

  • Please, once your time is ending, clean the surrounding areas (floors, tables, tools)
  • If you have reserved the instrument for several days it is advisable to clean the extruder with the cleaning material between your formulations.
  • Once your entire slot is done, you have to clean the extruder completely as taught in the training, and sign your book

Booking rules:

  • Booking is compulsory to use the instrument;
  • The booking should be made by the intended user;
  • It is NOT allowed to operate the instrument during weekends or public holidays (exceptions can be made after approval by your supervisor and responsible person);
  • If the user cannot attend the booking session, the user has to cancel the booking and inform the other Extruder users of the canceled session (via LIMS automatic email or by email to the FPT department);


Tool name:
Extruder (BX-18)
Polymer processing
SEW Eurodrive
R40F D14 DT80N


Licensed Users

Fibre and polymer Technology
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