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View 2MILab_AFM - Multimode3MicroscopyBruker (formerly Veeco)Multimode 3a
View 2MILab_AFM - Multimode8MicroscopyBruker (formerly Veeco)Multimode 8
View 2MILab_BET_3FlexSurface analysis and related toolsMicromeritics3Flex
View 2MILab_Conductivity MeterElectrochemistryMettler ToledoSevenCompact
View 2MILab_Confocal Raman Microscope_WitecMicroscopyWitecAlpha 300
View 2MILab_Contact Angle Meter PocketSurface analysis and related toolsPocketGoniometer
View 2MILab_Cryo-ultramicrotomeMicroscopyLeicaEM FC-7
View 2MILab_Degasser_BET_3FlexSurface analysis and related toolsMicromeriticsSmartVacPrep
View 2MILab_EllipsometerSurface analysis and related toolsBeagleholeBH1
View 2MILab_Femtosecond Sum Frequency GenerationSurface analysis and related toolsEricTyrode
View 2MILab_Furnace - ThermolineProcessing and productionThermoline47900
View 2MILab_Glove BoxOtherInertcustom
View 2MILab_IR MicroscopeMicroscopyBrukerLUMOS
View 2MILab_IRRASSurface analysis and related toolsBrukerIRRAS
View 2MILab_Karl FischerOtherMetrohm851 Titrando
View 2MILab_Langmuir TroughSurface analysis and related toolsKSV Instruments5000
View 2MILab_Mercury PorosimeterSurface analysis and related toolsMicromeriticsAutopore IV
View 2MILab_Metal Evaporator EdwardsOtherEdwardsAuto 306
View 2MILab_Mini Langmuir TroughSurface analysis and related toolsKSV_Nimamini
View 2MILab_Nano FTIR MicroscopeSurface analysis and related toolsNeaspecNeaSNOM
View 2MILab_Nanoscratch tester - CSMMechanical testingCSMxxx
View 2MILab_Oven - MemmertProcessing and productionMemmertoven51
View 2MILab_Picosecond Sum Frequency GenerationSurface analysis and related toolsEKSPLAcustom
View 2MILab_plasma cleanerSurface analysis and related toolsHarrick PlasmaPDC-002
View 2MILab_Portable Raman SpectrometerSpectroscopyBWTEKBWS465-785S
View 2MILab_Powder X-Ray DiffractometerSurface analysis and related toolsPANalyticalX’Pert PRO
View 2MILab_QCM Attana1Surface analysis and related toolsAttanagtx
View 2MILab_QCM Attana2Surface analysis and related toolsAttanagtx
View 2MILab_Q-Sense E4Surface analysis and related toolsQ-SenseE4
View 2MILab_SEM-EDS Apreo 2sMicroscopyThermo Fisher ScientificApreo 2s SEM / Ultradry 60mm2 EDS
View 2MILab_SpincoaterSurface analysis and related toolsXXXXXX
View 2MILab_Surface PolishingProcessing and productionStruersLaboPol-5
View 2MILab_SurPASS_Streaming Potential MeterSurface analysis and related toolsAnton PaarSurPASS
View 2MILab_TEM Hitachi HT7700MicroscopyHitachiHT7700
View 2MILab_TensiometerSurface analysis and related toolsKrüssK12
View 2MILab_Tip sonicatorProcessing and productionQ-SonicaQ 500
View 2MILab_TIR Raman SpectrometerSurface analysis and related toolshomemadexxx
View 2MILab_Vacuum Oven 1Processing and productionBinderoven
View 2MILab_Vacuum Oven 2Surface analysis and related toolsThermo ScientificLab-Line 3608-1CE
View 2MILab_XPS_Kratos_AXIS_Supra+Surface analysis and related toolsKratosAXIS Supra+
View 2MILab_Zetasizer Nano ZSSurface analysis and related toolsMalvernZetasizer Nano ZS
View Accelerated Solvent ExtractorProcessing and productionThermo Scientific/DionexASE-350
View AFM - Agilent Echem_SCSMicroscopyAgilent5500
View AFM Imaging MM8MicroscopyBruker (was Veeco Instruments before upgrade)MultiMode 8 (was MultiMode IIIa before upgrade)
View AFM PicoForceMicroscopyVeeco InstrumentsMultiMode IIIa
View Antek nitrogen analyzerOtherPAC MultitekPAC Multitek
View APVD Porosimeter_2MILabSurface analysis and related toolshomemadexyz
View Atomic Absorption Spectrometer_SCSSpectroscopyPerkin ElmerPinaacle 900T
View AutoclaveProcessing and productionTuttnauer2540EL
View AutoclaveProcessing and productionTuttnauer 2540ELN/A
View Autoclave DX-23OtherSystecDX-23
View Automatic columnChromatography and mass spectrometryBiotageIsolera 4
View Automatic flow-switchSurface analysis and related toolsRheodyneMX II
View Automatic refractometerOtherRudolphJ457
View Band saw (Bandsåg)Processing and productionN/AN/A
View Cahn balanceSurface analysis and related toolsThermo CahnRadian Series 300
View Capillary viscometerRheologyLAUDAiVisc
View CentrifugeProcessing and productionHettich Labinstrument ABRotofix 32A
View Centrifuge, preparativeProcessing and productionBeckman CoulterAvanti J-E Centrifuge
View Cirkulationskokeri, autoklavkokeri, Quantummixer, NAF-defibrörProcessing and productionNalvalNaval
View Citopress_SCSProcessing and productionStruersCitopress 5
View Climate Chamber_SCSOtherWeissWK3-340/40
View Conditioned roomOtherN/AN/A
View Conductive titrationSurface analysis and related toolsMetrohm856 Conductimeter
View Conductivity meterOtherThermo OrionN/A
View Confocal Laser scanning microscopeMicroscopyZeissLSM 510
View Contact angle meterSurface analysis and related toolsBiolin ScientificTheta Lite
View Creep testingMechanical testingN/AN/A
View Critical Point DryerProcessing and productionN/AN/A
View Dipping RobotSurface analysis and related toolsnanoStrata inc.Strato Sequence VI
View Disintegrator (Uppslagare)Processing and productionLorentzen & WettreB2600001
View DMAMechanical testingTA InstrumentsQ800
View DSC (Latest model)Thermal analysisMettler ToledoDSC 1
View Dynamic Light Scattering meter (Zetasizer)Surface analysis and related toolsMalvern InstrumentsNano ZS
View ElipsometerSurface analysis and related toolsRudolph ResearchN/A
View ExtruderPolymer processingWerner PfleidererN/A
View Extruder (BX-12)Polymer processingSEW EurodriveR40F D14 DT80N
View Extruder (BX-18)Polymer processingSEW EurodriveR40F D14 DT80N
View FE-SEM Hitachi S-4800MicroscopyHitachiS-4800
View Fluorescence plate readerSpectroscopyN/AN/A
View Freeze dryerProcessing and productionN/AN/A
View Freeze dryer - Coating Technology (4th floor)Processing and productionScanVacCoolsafe 110-4
View FTIR (Spectrum 100)SpectroscopyPerkin-ElmerSpotlight 400 + Spectrum 100 FT-IR
View FTIR ImagingSpectroscopyPerkin-ElmerSpotlight 400 + Spectrum 100 FT-IR
View FTIR spectrofotometerSpectroscopyPerkin-Elmer???
View FTIR/Real-time FTIR/ ImagingSpectroscopyPerkin-ElmerSpotlight 400 + Spectrum 100 FT-IR
View GCChromatography and mass spectrometryHewlett Packard6890
View GC Varian (with autosampler)Chromatography and mass spectrometryVarian3400
View GC-FIDChromatography and mass spectrometryAgilent Technologies7890B
View Glove-boxOtherN/AN/A
View Grinding and polishing machinePolymer processingStruersKnuth rotor
View High-pressure reactor (SC-CO2)Processing and productionHome-builtN/A
View High-speed cameraOtherIDT - Integrated Design Tools, IncMotionXtra N4
View HomogenizerProcessing and productionMicrofluidicsM-110EH
View Horizontal tensile testerMechanical testingFrank-PTI81502
View Hot-pressPolymer processingFontijneTPB
View House vacuum systemProcessing and productionN/AN/A
View HPLCChromatography and mass spectrometryHP1100-series
View HPLCChromatography and mass spectrometryWatersWaters 2414
View HPLC PolysaccharidesChromatography and mass spectrometryThermo Scientific/DionexUHPLC-3000
View IC w/ PAD detectorChromatography and mass spectrometryThermo Scientific/DionexICS 3000
View Ice machineOtherPorkkaKL31
View Impact testing equipmentMechanical testingN/AN/A
View Incubator Edmund Buhler_SCSOtherEdmund Buhlerxxx
View Incubator S180_SCSOtherIncoS180
View Incubator, CO2OtherThermo ScientificHeracell 150i
View Injection molding machinePolymer processingBattenfeldPlus 250
View Injection moulderPolymer processingBoyXS-SP14
View Instron tensile tester, double columnMechanical testingInstron5566 Universal Testing Machine
View Instron tensile tester, single columnMechanical testingInstron5944 500N to 2kN
View Ion Chromatograph_SCSChromatography and mass spectrometryBischoffLambda 1010
View JKR apparatusSurface analysis and related toolsHome builtN/A
View Kappa number meterSurface analysis and related toolsMettler ToledoT70
View Kvidinge extruderPolymer processingKvidingeEco Ex 25
View L & W Bending Stiffness TesterMechanical testingLorentzen & WetteKD219
View Lab sheet formerProcessing and productionN/AN/A
View Laboratory centrifuge (no cooling)Processing and productionHettichRotina 420
View Laboratory centrifuge with cooling Processing and productionHettichRotina 420
View LAF bench Microbiology_FPTOtherUnknownUnknown
View Laminar airflow benchOtherThermo ScientificHERAsafe KS12
View Light microscope with cameraMicroscopyZeissISC Standard 25
View MALDI-TOFChromatography and mass spectrometryBrukerUltraflex L
View Microbalance_SCSOtherSartoriusNano32
View Milli-Q water system (TR56-58 level 5)OtherMilliporeIQ-7000
View Mini injection molding machinePolymer processingThermo ScientificHAAKE 567-2096
View Mini-extruder DSMPolymer processingDSMXplore Micro 5cc Twin Screw Compounder
View Mini-tensile tester DebenMechanical testingDeben200N Microtester
View MOCON Oxygen PermeabilitySurface analysis and related toolsMoconox-tran 2/20
View Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer_SCSSurface analysis and related toolsNanosightNTA
View NGC chromatography system Chromatography and mass spectrometryBioRADNGC-XX
View Nitrogen gas generatorOtherN/AN/A
View NMRSpectroscopyBruker400 Ultrashield
View OECD Incubator_SCSOtherOECD1
View Optical microscope with CCD cameraMicroscopyNikonN/A
View Optical Microscope_SCSMicroscopyLeicaDM2700M
View Optical Microscopes (Leica DMIL & Leitz Ortholux II-Pol BK)MicroscopyLeica/LeitzLeica DMIL & Ortholux II-Pol BK
View Oven - Termaks_SCSOtherTermaksoven
View Oven (exclusively for oxidation of silica wafers)Surface analysis and related toolsCarboliteEFL 11/6B
View Oven/FurnaceProcessing and productionT+MM9-1200
View Oxygen Transmission Rate AnalyzerSurface analysis and related toolsSystech Instruments8001
View Oxygen/CO2 meterOtherDansensorCheckmate 9900
View Ozone generatorProcessing and productionFischerOZ 500
View PCCS_SCSSurface analysis and related toolsSympatecNanophox
View PFI milling equipmentProcessing and productionHam JernPFI Mölle
View Pilot extruderPolymer processingKFMECO EX 25
View Planetary ball millProcessing and productionRetschPM400
View Plasma finishSurface analysis and related toolsN/AN/A
View Plate reader MultiskanSpectroscopyThermo ScientificMULTISKAN FC
View PolarimeterOtherSchmidt+HaenschNH8
View Polarograph_SCSElectrochemistryMetrohm797 VA Computrace
View Potentiostat Parstat_2MILabElectrochemistryAmetekParstat
View Potentiostat/galvanostat Autolab_2MILabElectrochemistryMetrohm150
View Potentiostat/galvanostat Gamry A_2MILabElectrochemistryGamryReference 600+
View Potentiostat/galvanostat Gamry B_2MILabElectrochemistryGamryReference 600+
View Potentiostat/galvanostat Solartron A_2MILabElectrochemistrySolartronSI-1287/1250
View Potentiostat_Ametek_SCSElectrochemistryAmetek100
View Potentiostat_Autolab_micro_SCSElectrochemistryAutolabmicroAutolab
View PressProcessing and productionPTITesting Sheet Press Model 40140
View QCM (D-300)Surface analysis and related toolsQ-sense (Biolin Scientific)D-300
View QCM E4Surface analysis and related toolsBiolin Scientific (Q-Sense)E4
View Raman confocal microscopeSpectroscopyJobin YvonHR800 UV
View Rapid-KöthenProcessing and productionPTI LaboratoryRK3A-KWT
View Real-Time FTIR (Spectrum 100)SpectroscopyPerkin-ElmerSpotlight 400 + Spectrum 100 FT-IR
View RelaxometerMechanical testingN/AN/A
View RheometerRheologyTA InstrumentsDHR-2
View Rotational viscometer RVDV2T ExtraRheologyBrookfieldRVDV2T Extra
View Rubber millPolymer processingGuldsmedshytte Bruk6750
View Scales (multi/sub-grams)OtherSeveral differentSeveral different
View Scanning Electron Workstation_2MILabElectrochemistryXMU200
View Scott Bond Z-strength TesterMechanical testingN/AN/A
View SEC (lignin) THFChromatography and mass spectrometryWatersWaters 1525
View SEC, chloroformChromatography and mass spectrometryMalvern InstrumentsN/A
View SEC, DMAc/LiClChromatography and mass spectrometryShimadzu LC-20AD
View SEC, DMFChromatography and mass spectrometryTOSOHEcoSEC HLC-8320GPC
View SEC-MALLS, DMSOChromatography and mass spectrometryPSSSECcurity 1260 GPC System
View Shaker-mixer/Turbo-mixerPolymer processingTurbulaN/A
View SPARSurface analysis and related toolsLaboratory of Physical Chemistry and Colloidal SciStagnation Point Adsorption Reflectometry
View Spin-coaterSurface analysis and related toolsChemat TechnologyKW-4A
View Spin-coaterSurface analysis and related toolsChemat TechnologyKW-4A
View Stabino Polyelectrolyte titratorSurface analysis and related toolsParticleMetrixStabino
View SuntesterOtherAtlasSuntester XXL+
View Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)Surface analysis and related toolsOptrel GBRMultiskop
View Tabletop SEM Hitachi TM-1000MicroscopyHitachiTM-1000
View Table-top SEM_SCSMicroscopyHitachiTM-1000
View TGA (Latest model)Thermal analysisMettler ToledoTGA/DSC 1
View TGA 3+ (experienced users)Thermal analysisMettler ToledoTGA/DSC3+
View TGA/IST/GC-MSThermal analysisMettler-Toledo/AgilentN/A
View Thermostatic shake incubatorProcessing and productionZhichengZHWY 200D
View Titrino Polyelectrolyte titratorSurface analysis and related toolsMetrohmHome-built
View TurbidimeterSurface analysis and related toolsHach2100 AN IS
View Twin-screw extruder/Internal mixerPolymer processingBrabenderPlasti-corder
View Ultrafiltration pilot plantProcessing and productionMiriel cedexKerasep
View Ultrasonic processing probeProcessing and productionSonicsVibra-Cell
View UV curing system (LED high intensity)Processing and productionPoseonN/A
View UV curing system (low intensity)Processing and productionFusion Curing SystemF300
View UV/VIS spectrophotometerSpectroscopyShimadzuUV2550
View UV-vis Spectrophotometer_Jenway_SCSSpectroscopyJenway6300
View Vacuum ovenProcessing and productionVismaraN/A
View Vacuum ovenProcessing and productionVacucellN/A
View Walk-in freezerOtherN/AN/A
View Walk-in fridgeOtherN/AN/A
View Water bath (bleaching)Processing and productionJulaboTW20
View ViscometerChromatography and mass spectrometryWernerglasMätviskometer
View Wood blade shredderProcessing and productionBoschAXT Rapid 2000
View X-Ray diffractometerOtherThermo ElectronN/A
View Zeta potential meterSurface analysis and related toolsMütekSPZ-10
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